Not Much To Tell

Winter is coming.  Oliver’s Nest is not even close to being finished, although it’s nearly completely enclosed.  I was sick for a couple weeks, as in REALLY unwell, and mostly stuck in bed.  Lost some unwanted weight, so that’s a positive, right?

I’m at one of those difficult points.  Figuring out the best way to install the opening skylight.  I’m taking the process slowly, trying to tie each step into the next so the whole thing will end up strong, water-proof, and (hopefully) reasonably attractive.  I wish I had a table saw for some of the cuts I’m finding myself needing to do.  Having used one before, I know how handy they are, but they are also very expensive, and it wouldn’t be needed for most of this build.  So…persevering with my circular saw and lots of cursing.  The basic rectangular wooden base that will lift the skylight up off the roof is on, but of course, that’s not enough.  I know I need to figure out flashing (difficult when the roofing solution I’ve come up with can’t be done due to the weather), and I also want to devise a kind of padded bed for the window to rest on.  Hmmm.

I’m thinking about options for that.  Some kind of rigid foam that water can’t damage?  Does that exist?  Rubber “bumpers”?

NOTE:  The above was written a couple weeks ago, and I was so dispirited that I stopped writing and went to bed. Kinda kidding.  The following is from today.

Pretty, huh?  I agree wholeheartedly.  It's also cold and wet.

Pretty, huh? I agree wholeheartedly. It’s also cold and wet.

So much adhesive, everywhere, on everything, including me.

So much adhesive, everywhere, on everything, including me.

For the last couple weeks, the truck’s been covered with a giant, tough tarp which is thankfully keeping water from getting into the structure.  But I can’t let it sit through the entire winter without working on it, right?  So what to do, what to do….OK.  I called the company that makes the liquid rubber I’ve decided to use on the roof and WOOT it can be used in cold, moist weather!  Not hard rain, though, and that’s something that randomly, and often, occurs around here.  I’m going to be keeping a close eye on Weather Bug.  Also, the rubber can be used straight over galvanized aluminum roofing panels, which I have!  More cheers!

So tomorrow, even if it rains, I’m going to be outside working on getting those panels up on the roof (over 11 feet high, great) and deciding on their placement.  I already have the proper screws, so that’s not a concern.  This is a time I”m glad I have a boring, flat square roof. 🙂  Easy to cover with the roofing panels.  They will need to dry before coating ~ towels?  Lots and lots of towels?  Then I’ll cover the whole thing back up and wait for two or more dry days to be predicted, and…Rubber Roofing Crazy-Time will commence!

Please, wish me luck (and dry weather, and not falling off ladders).

Peace, guys 🙂

Our Late Summer Is Back And So Am I

Other than those unproductive days recently (reasonable in my view, given the death of a kitty I’d raised from practically birth), I’ve been feeling pretty good.  Obviously, meeting each day with a cheerful attitude feels great, but it also means more energy and creativity, and I get more accomplished.  This is a VERY GOOD THING. 😉
Over the last couple of days I’ve been busy building the skylight box.  It should be a fairly simple process, and with a solid plan, shouldn’t take much time.  Of course, this is *me* and it’s not been quite so straightforward.  There’s been a lot of sitting on the loft floor, looking up and just thinking options through, and sketching out ideas (before crumpling up the paper and starting over).  FINALLY I decided to just place the one and put off installing the second.  I’ll partially frame for the second skylight, and it won’t be hard to install it later.
Other than the one skylight, none of the windows will go in for now.  They are all framed in, but I’m just covering them all with cheap exterior plywood temporarily.  I want the house to be weathered-in, and I don’t know when I’ll have to leave here.

The framing for the two front windows has started, but those two spaces between the joists are potential skylight spots.

The framing for the two front windows has started. Those two spaces between the joists were potential spots, and the space between the front windows and the front joist is another.  If one is placed there, it’ll be set at a downward angle. 

Another view  of the joists, and there's the heavily-glued framing for the front windows. :)

Another view of the joists, and there’s the heavily-glued framing for the front windows. 🙂

The raised box isn't in, but essentially this is what it'll look like.  Having the skylight here gives me a ton of headroom where I climb up into the loft!

The raised box isn’t in, but essentially this is what it’ll look like. Having the skylight here gives me a ton of headroom where I climb up into the loft!

I’ve lost the picture showing how I chopped off those sharp front corners into a downward angle.  No way do I want to try to make a curved front…I over-reached there!  That angle for now will be covered with simple plywood, but eventually *might* be the location for the second skylight…and the entire visible front will have painted 8″ T1 11 covering it.

 Sigh….what a gorgeous day!
There’s a deep and pure blue sky over
head and excellent tunes playing on my Fire.
Someone over at Amazon really knows their music, what with Beck, The Beastie Boys, and the The
Black Keys mixed in with other fine bands. 😀
I haven’t hurt myself yet!
This is a good day.
The path light has come on and the tree frogs are starting their nightly chorus, so I’m done working
for the day. I hope your day went well, too!