Floor Framing Finished!

I did come up with a reasonable (but somewhat goofy-looking) way to work around the metal bracing.  I took lots of pictures, including the failure of my first attempt.

I worked all day ~ about 7 hours ~ and although I didn’t have enough insulation on hand to put on the sub-floor, I did get a lot of fiddly things done.  Once again I have to say, it’s amazing how quickly a simple plan can turn difficult.  Making sure the bolt holes stayed lined up properly while hanging the joists..wow…I had to re-align them again and again and again….and It took a couple hours just creating a workable solution for the area around the metal braces.  I also took a break from building and washed the tin roofing panels I’m planning on painting and using on the exterior.  Hot day, cold water, very nice!

To finish the insulation, I now have to start dismantling the original Oliver’s Nest.  I’m at peace with that.  I’m just worried that it will be a complicated and time-consuming process.  Plus, I’ll have to be on a ladder, and I have a trust issue with ladders these days!  Speaking of which, my ankle is healing well, and doesn’t hurt all the time (so thankful!).  My shoulder is also much better, and I have most of my range of motion and strength back.  So good to not feel like an invalid!  But…getting on that ladder again….and working with power tools overhead…honestly, I’m scared and not ashamed to admit it.

Ok, time for pictures!  Hope your day has been full of happiness 🙂

A little rough, but I thought this would work.

A little rough, but I thought this would work.

Trying to get it into place but....

Trying to get it into place but….

It didn't work.

It didn’t work.

Second try was sturdier, and fit, kinda

Second try was sturdier, and fit, kinda. Well enough, anyway.

Double-up 2x6 scrap wood fit well in the odd space.

Double-up 2×6 scrap wood fit well in the odd space on top of the little wood piece shown in the previous picture.

Filled in the gaps on both sides, and finished hanging the joists. :)

Filled in the gaps around the metal braces on both sides, and finished hanging the joists. 🙂

Even without the cab-over portion, it's a roomy space.

Even without the cab-over portion, it’s a roomy space.

This is R-23, so will help with both insulating and as a sound barrier.

This is R-23 Roxul insulation, and will help with both insulating and as a sound barrier.

Have Fun While You Work Towards The Future You Desire

The ankle feels mostly better, and the shoulder no longer feels like it’s partially detached (at least not most of the time), so I think it’s healing too.  Been taking brisk walks with my pup Hank to get some exercise and fresh air, and to look at how other people make their homes “homey”.  Just to get new ideas.  I love to think and plan how my place will look, and to consider different setups for the exterior gardens and such.  The town I live in has one of the most progressive colleges in the States ~ The Evergreen State College ~ and the students (“Greeners”) tend to live an interesting mixture of wholesome and anything-goes living.  There are a lot of front-yard food gardens, chickens, rabbits for meat, and DIY projects for simple or even off-grid living.

So, I enjoy looking at what other folk are doing.

Given that the snow levels on my property get to an easy 4-plus feet, being able to get around to do chores easily is high on my list of priorities.  Plus, living in such a small space while potentially snowed-in and unable to get to civilization for weeks on end mean I need to plan for cabin fever.  Luckily I love reading and have a guitar I am slowly learning to play, and like to do lots of fiddly little crafts like jewelry making.  Oh, and never forget gaming.  Love a good pc or console game.

Anyway, as I was saying, I’ve been sketching out ideas for where/how to set up a greenhouse or two, the enclosures I’ll need for my rabbits and chickens, and of course, my horse and the few sheep I plan to raise.  I’m thinking about essential stuff like where will the compost pile be?  Where will the outhouse be?  How will I get to the different animals easily so as to care for them in inclement weather?  Now that Oliver’s Nest design is fairly set, it’s been fun to turn to these other puzzles.

So, I’m keeping myself entertained while healing up and waiting for good building weather to roll around again.  I missed my deadline this year, but next year will do just fine.

Peace to everyone.

So, How It Is.

I haven’t posted in quite a while because I haven’t done any work on the house, what with practically breaking my foot off and all.  Not sure if I already mentioned it, but turns out I hurt that left shoulder pretty badly too, and it’s still bugging me.  Getting better though, and I know it will heal perfectly fine!  I do believe in “thinking” our bodies into health, along with doing all the regular stuff.  I’m following the physical and occupational therapists’ recommendations and instructions, taking super-duper pain pills, and taking it easy, but I’m also thinking about the future I am reaching for.  I’m thinking about the present that I want to live.  I’m doing my best to accept what happened and keep staying positive.

Seriously. Don’t take chances that could damage your body.  Get help.  Use the right tools the right way.  Follow safety instructions.  I screwed up my plans – and to a small and non-permanent way my life – by thinking that the warning on the ladder not to stand on the very top wasn’t for me….I’m pretty smart and capable, all that stuff, but also, I’m indestructible.   Hah!

I’m still living in a very Tiny trailer, less square footage than Oliver’s Nest will have.   After my Oliver died, the place seemed a little big and empty to me, but time is passing and I’m OK and glad he was in my life.  Only real animal people get that, and everyone else just chalks it up to me being crazy.  That’s cool!

One last thing I want to mention so I don’t ever forget ~ an old boyfriend of mine, from years ago, came over and wrapped Oliver’s Nest up for the winter for  me, unasked.  How kind is that?   Like a big, half-finished Christmas present, really.