Took A Little Time Away….

Sorry for the radio silence.

I had so much fun on my first trip south that I never quite got around to posting anything. What a bummer, as this blog is a great way for me to revisit my past and help my brain remember stuff! I did take pictures though. I think I’ll do a few remembrance posts soon, with lots of pictures, and try to recreate the past few years. 😊

This post is just me dipping my toe back in the water.  Feels odd and unfamiliar!

It’s Official. My Brain Is On Permanent Hiatus

First, the good news: Oliver’s Nest has a working inverter and is pumping out electricity to the outlets. My phone and tablet are happily charging away right this minute. So amazing how easy it is when stuff works! The tech who did the replacement looked over the system and commented on how the layout makes sense and will be easy to work with if needed. I had a little lump of pride in my throat, as I made most of the decisions for what/where/how the whole system would function. 


Why oh why didn’t I remember how easy the inverter was to deal with?! I could have replaced it myself in less than 15 minutes. Or less, if I misplaced my screwdriver, which I haven’t. My brain, argh!  So very bad with the memory type stuff. 

Here’s what it took to install the replacement.

  1. Unplug the top plug which gives power to the breaker box.
  2. Unplug the battery connectors at the bottom.
  3. Unscrew the ground wire.
  4. Unscrew the inverter from the wall.
  5. Screw the new inverter into the same space.
  6. Reverse steps 1 through 3. Done.

I could have easily saved myself the $60 minimum they charged. Some lessons are free, some cost money, and some take just a bit of your pride, hehehe.

Yellow plug to breakers, black and red plugs to the battery bank, and the copper ground wire

Not everyone has the dead-simple hook-up like mine, of course. This system is wholly sun-powered, without a way to charge the batteries from either shore power or the truck engine. Still, it pays to really know and understand (and remember) your own system, as it’s often just not that hard to handle your own repairs. Now that the inverter has been replaced, anyone know of a spare brain with working memory out there?

About Donations

Quite a few months ago, a couple readers asked me to post a PayPal link as they wanted to help me out during a particularly rough financial period.  After wrangling with WordPress a while, I (sorta) managed to do so.  I received some help, and I thank you.

But I’ve come to realize that on mobile devices my link shows up first, and I don’t want that! As I’m solely working on a mobile device myself, I find that editing that information to place it less conspicuously, or even removing it, is not something I can figure out. For this I apologize.

I’m not rich, but I’m doing ok. If plans work out moderately well, I’ll be able to save and be really ok.  So, please bear with me in my continuing failure to understand WordPress. 😀

Enjoy your day!

All The Things I’m Learning To Do On The Road


Welp, my truck is still running (yay), but my inverter bit the dust. I don’t think it’s repairable, so have started the return process through Amazon, and gone ahead and purchased another. All things considered, if anything in my system had to go I’m glad it’s this, as it’s by far the cheapest component at under $200.

I’ve decided to use my Amazon Visa to get the 5% back and to stop the immediate bleeding of my bank account. The new inverter is being shipped directly to the repair shop. Interestingly, there are about 20 “lockers” nearby where the shipment could go for me to pick it up, something that I’m sure I’ll find very useful in the future. The repair shop I’m using does the NASCAR thing, so has a small window for the tepair, but Prime shipping will get the inverter there on the 1st – plenty of time. Right? Ugh. As long as I stay put in Vegas there are options.

I have to say that truck stops are great when you’re stuck in an unfamiliar place. Power, food, laundromat, showers, and this one has free movies. They let you stay as long as you need to, and I feel safe. Oh, and unlike at the Tenopah Nv truck stop (elevation of over 6000 ft) with nighttime lows of 19 degrees, here in Law Vegas it only dips into the mid-40s at night. I like that. 🌞

Cold and omg windy Tenopah

Last night’s sunset in Law Vegas

The entertaining part of Vegas is waaay over there

So far the fun level hasn’t been high, but the challenges haven’t been so hard they couldn’t be overcome. And fun isn’t everything. Handling problems without completely falling apart is more important for me for now. Having friends be there for me when I get stressed out has been wonderful. Thanks for the encouragement, you guys! 😀

Wait, What? I still have PTSD


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I never seem to be able to put my feelings about having PTSD into words. Once again I have to turn to another to do it for me. We all struggle in different ways, but there are universal truths here:


I wrote a post by the same name last spring. Amazingly, I asked this question to my therapist again the other day, nearly a year later and my reaction was exactly the same when he answered, “…

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Fear Management

There have been so many aspects of this new life to get a grasp on in the last three or so months, that noting them has to take a back seat.  Unfortunately that means that some things I’d like to remember in the future will probably be lost, but I do what I can.  Combine a piss-poor memory with anxiety, a complete makeover in lifestyle and helpful/unhelpful medications, and you lose things along the way.  It’s ok.

As of yesterday, I have marching orders to vacate by February 20th of this year.  That puts the move out squarely in the uncertain weather category.  Around here, snow and ice aren’t unheard of through the end of March. Given, understandably I think, that I don’t want to attempt mountain passes under those circumstances, I’ll be looking for a safe place to hang out til it seems certain that roads are clear.  

Luckily, I was steered towards going to the Long Beach (ocean) area, where there are several year-round RV parks.  Paying to park is not my first choice, but options are limited and hopefully I only need a month or so there.  Honestly, staying by the ocean sounds wonderful! This rig has weathered several windstorm with barely any indication inside that anything exciting was going on outside…other than the incredible booming BONK when a pine cone hits the roof, or especially the skylight. It’s impressive how high both Leo and I can jump when we’re startled.

In any case, the ocean beaches will probably be our home soon. Leo will be learning how to walk on a leash there. Sort of throwing him into the deep end. I figure there shouldn’t be many people walking their pups this time of year, so he can get his freak out on with only me and the gulls to witness.

Remember Fred?

People taking care of each other… a good thought for a rainy Saturday.

Tiny House Ontario

As you all know many volunteers from this community build a little insulated place for a homeless girl named Fred.

I don’t go by to see her anymore because I find that she gets agitated and this in turn agitates me.  Also, there are not many donations that are coming in, and as I explained a few months ago to readers here and to her, I cannot possibly support her.  I simply don’t have enough income.  This said, I worry about her from a distance, which I suppose does not do either of us any good at all.  The good news is that there is a cafe that is about ten blocks from her, where people can go a get $5 worth of free food – a sandwich and a coffee…. multiple times a day if needed.   The cafe 541 has a button program in which people can donate money…

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A Great Post On Stuff

I was directed to a nice summation on viewing out possessions by The Tiny Life.  I’m still sorting through and deleting items from my “keep” pile, so it seems appropriate to link it here.  I especially like the bit about hanging on to dreams through things.  I hope you enjoy it, too. 🙂


This is merely one room of stuff I had to go through when my mother passed away. Now add my own things in and use your imagination. Fun times!?


My closet in Oliver’s Nest, still stuffed full of so very many things.  


Click here to see the original post over at Mostly Mindful.

Help Make Tiny Homes Legal!

Help Write Tiny Homes into the IRC (International Residential Codes) by following this link and signing the petition.  Every time we raise our voice, it makes it harder for Government to ignore us.