For Lack Of A 2×3….

Oliver’s Nest is this close to having a complete “roof” on it, well, not The Roof, just enough of one to allow easy tarping for any bad weather.  Except for needing a 2×3 for the angled portion in the cabover section, which I need in order to pre-prepare for the second planned skylight.  I could scrounge up enough change to purchase one, but I’m thinking that maybe I should put on another layer of paint, instead.  Also, I need a few more bits and pieces of lumber and plywood, so I feel I should save the gas money for buying it all at once.

I don’t really like to paint.  It’s messy and time-consuming.  So being “forced” to do it is maybe a good thing?  Plus, I can use up a 5 gallon lot of green paint for the under layers, using the gray as the final layer/s (I do NOT want a green house on a red truck.  I am not sorry).  I finally compiled all the painting supplies around this place and I have a ton of it.  Here’s the chance to put it to use!  I hate wasting things, and it’s here…even if I don’t particularly enjoy using it.  There are a lot of rollers, which should make this go faster than the brush I was using before.  I hope. 😉

The kitchen and family rooms are nearly empty.  I ran into a nice group of girls a few days ago who need stuff for their new home.  They happily took piles and piles of things, including nearly all of the Christmas stuff (there was so very much), pet supplies (mostly my mother’s), heaps of kitchen gadgets and dishware, lots picture frames, a bunch of vases, and a wing back chair.  Starting to get a picture of what I was dealing with yet?   It’s starting to feel spacious and … peaceful here.  I admit that some of the stuff that they took

Yeah, yeah, I know.  Gaps.  It's not finished yet. :)  The flashing has been pounded flat to enable the T1-11 and the windows to lay flat on the underlying plywood.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Gaps. It’s not finished yet. 🙂 The flashing has been pounded flat to enable the T1-11 and the windows to lay flat on the underlying plywood.

Doesn't look as weird now.  Can't wait for the two windows and the sheathing to go up!

Doesn’t look as weird now. Can’t wait for the two windows and the sheathing to go up!  The Beast is so tall that my head barely tops the hood. 😀

was mine, and what a relief to have it be gone!  I’m getting close to figuring out what I have room for in O.N. and getting it all organized.  I think I still have too much set aside, but with all this newly-acquired space to work with, I am now able to have it out and see what I really need.  Plus, it’s stuff I really like. 🙂

Our Late Summer Is Back And So Am I

Other than those unproductive days recently (reasonable in my view, given the death of a kitty I’d raised from practically birth), I’ve been feeling pretty good.  Obviously, meeting each day with a cheerful attitude feels great, but it also means more energy and creativity, and I get more accomplished.  This is a VERY GOOD THING. 😉
Over the last couple of days I’ve been busy building the skylight box.  It should be a fairly simple process, and with a solid plan, shouldn’t take much time.  Of course, this is *me* and it’s not been quite so straightforward.  There’s been a lot of sitting on the loft floor, looking up and just thinking options through, and sketching out ideas (before crumpling up the paper and starting over).  FINALLY I decided to just place the one and put off installing the second.  I’ll partially frame for the second skylight, and it won’t be hard to install it later.
Other than the one skylight, none of the windows will go in for now.  They are all framed in, but I’m just covering them all with cheap exterior plywood temporarily.  I want the house to be weathered-in, and I don’t know when I’ll have to leave here.

The framing for the two front windows has started, but those two spaces between the joists are potential skylight spots.

The framing for the two front windows has started. Those two spaces between the joists were potential spots, and the space between the front windows and the front joist is another.  If one is placed there, it’ll be set at a downward angle. 

Another view  of the joists, and there's the heavily-glued framing for the front windows. :)

Another view of the joists, and there’s the heavily-glued framing for the front windows. 🙂

The raised box isn't in, but essentially this is what it'll look like.  Having the skylight here gives me a ton of headroom where I climb up into the loft!

The raised box isn’t in, but essentially this is what it’ll look like. Having the skylight here gives me a ton of headroom where I climb up into the loft!

I’ve lost the picture showing how I chopped off those sharp front corners into a downward angle.  No way do I want to try to make a curved front…I over-reached there!  That angle for now will be covered with simple plywood, but eventually *might* be the location for the second skylight…and the entire visible front will have painted 8″ T1 11 covering it.

 Sigh….what a gorgeous day!
There’s a deep and pure blue sky over
head and excellent tunes playing on my Fire.
Someone over at Amazon really knows their music, what with Beck, The Beastie Boys, and the The
Black Keys mixed in with other fine bands. 😀
I haven’t hurt myself yet!
This is a good day.
The path light has come on and the tree frogs are starting their nightly chorus, so I’m done working
for the day. I hope your day went well, too!

Wrote This Yesterday, Too Tired To Post It. LONG!

Recent rain has suited my mood perfectly. Gloomy through and through. The truck was covered by several tarps “just in case”, so at least I didn’t have to worry about it too…or so I thought. I guess a bit of wind must have picked up, and pulled the top tarp askew, allowing water access to the unprotected roof sheathing. Water made it’s way down through the wool insulation and into the ceiling. Sigh…but no permanent damage done. Wool is very forgiving. When sunshine peeked through yesterday, I pulled the tarp off to allow drying to start. According to Weatherbug, no more rain is predicted for a few days so I’ll leave the roof uncovered as long as possible.
My aching body and hand appreciate the break.
No laying around for me though! I’ve been using the indoor time to once again sort through the many piles of stuff I accumulated for the original Oliver’s Nest. It’s a bittersweet time, seeing the cool supplies for that build, many of which aren’t needed for the much smaller truck house. It’s doubtful i’ll manage to hang on to the trailer house, so I’m letting go of things I worked for years to gather. Hopefully there are people out there who can put them to good use. 😐 There’s always the option to re-donate items to a ReStore. I refuse to just dump them.
Of course, now if I need something for this build, it’s now easy to find. A huge plus.
Anyway, I now have a well organized and equipped tool box, my beading supplies are fitted into their own tool box, all the motorcycle gear is contained and ready for transferring to an eventual built-in, I’ve pared down clothing to fit into the space allotted, and on and so on. Still to go is going through all the kitchen supplies to get them down to an amount that will fit into my much-smaller kitchen space. That will be painful! I love to cook, both indoors and outdoors, which takes different equipment. I have to keep reminding myself that I don’t need all the specialty items I’d planned on. Just the basics! Well, I’m going to try to sneak in a few cool things. 😆
Another large and potentially painful project is letting go of a huge amount of computer and other electronic goodies. As an old computer builder and wannabe geek, hanging on to potentially useful bits and pieces is second nature. That simply won’t work. There are many used computer repair shops in town I’ll be donating supplies to.
I’m working my way through the food supplies as I have a ton of it in standby. Lots of interesting meals as a result again! I’m working towards eating the high fat, mid protein, low carb diet as soon as my cupboards are bare. Should be interesting on the road…. But some health issues dictate I try.
What else, what else… Ah. I made two templates for the skylights to try out placement of them. The actual skylights are HEAVY so I’m not interested in hefting them around 11 feet off the ground. I’ve fallen once and that’s plenty! What am I using for the skylights? Those beautiful old French doors. They are solid oak and I’m going over them pane by pane ensuring each seam is tight and well sealed. Once I have the funds I’m going to cover them with polycarbonate plastic sheets, well sealed. This is very strong stuff with the only downside that it scratches fairly easily. As the goal here is to protect the glass and to help keep water out, I can live with some possible marring. A little secret: I want at least the rear-most skylight to be able to open up towards the back end of the truck. That’ll allow easy access to the roof and more air flow inside. Unsure if the other skylight will open. The two front windows definitely will, and I’m excited about being able to sit on my bed but be mostly outside! Great emergency exit to the hood, too. So very many plans! Hold good thoughts that I will have at least another year here, OK? At my pace, I’ll need it! 😁
To end this rather lengthy update, I’ll fill you in on my current adventure. I’m writing this while sitting on a curb at a local store (looking for heavy-duty hinges), waiting for a tow truck to carry my little scooter home. I tried to get away with using her while gathering funds for her repair, which apparently was a bad idea! Yay, me!
Here’s hoping your day is going more smoothly than mine. 😉

What's going on here is that I've started framing in the two front windows and one of the skylights.  Lots and lots of glue!

What’s going on here is that I’ve started framing in the two front windows and one of the skylights. Lots and lots of glue!

Another Death In My Family

Harriet's favorite perch when we lived in the tiny tuck bed camper was the top of my coffee maker, especially when it was hot.  She always found the warm spots first, where ever we lived.

Harriet’s favorite perch when we lived in the tiny tuck bed camper was the top of my coffee maker, especially when it was hot. She always found the warm spots first, where ever we lived.

I’ve been working on Oliver’s Nest most every day, but with the recent death of the last of my furry triplets ~ this time Harriet ~ I just haven’t felt like posting.  I’ll do a big update soon though, promise.

Be well and keep your loved ones close.

Rain, Sun, Rain, Sun, Aaaagghhhh

It’s hard to know if it’s safe to paint when the weather is so variable, so I’m going through all my supplies again.  Lately I’ve spent a lot of time on Full-Time RVer sites, which now is close to my future plans.  The good ones go into great detail about what supplies and equipment they have found invaluable, and the list isn’t quite the same as a homesteader’s requirements.  With that, I will likely make some changes to what I’m going to bring along.  Luckily (well, unsurprising, considering how much stuff I have laying around) most of the recommended items are already here…somewhere!

I am now going to make an admission that I’ve kept hidden previously:  my mother was a hoarder, and I caught a little of that bug myself.  Thankfully, I’m a clean person who prefers a clean surrounding.  Therefore, all my own stuff is in tidy, but large, piles.  My mother wasn’t so much that way, and I’ve spent a huge amount of time going through all her things and cleaning.  At least she had a taste for nice things, so I’ve been able to sell much of it to help fund my project.  It does get tiring though, and lately I haven’t taken time to organize and sell more things.  I’m running out of money again so as the rainy season gets under way, I can add that to my “indoor jobs” list.

But, I need the rain to stay away for at least another week or two!  Building in the wet doesn’t seem optimal, and I’m not sure it’s even possible to paint in the rain.  I’m afraid I’ll find out. 😦  The roof still needs it’s coat of rubber, but that has to wait until all the skylights, windows, and the last of the roof itself is in.  The rubber *must* go on in decent weather.  Yikes!

I did manage to caulk all of the walls that are up, including sealing a couple seams I feel aren’t tight enough.  I used three different products for this:  Liquid Nails Extreme Heavy Duty, M-1 Structural Adhesive/Sealant, and Dap Dynaflex 230 Premium Indoor/Outdoor Sealant.  I used the Dap product on the screws and nails in order to secure them and to hide them for painting, and the other two for making sure suspect wood joins are strong.  That M-1 stuff is sooo sticky!  It took all of my strength to force it out of the tube!  It stays quite stretchy after drying, which in this use is a good thing.  It works in moist weather, which is another good thing. 🙂

Total cost of these three items was $3.00.  Two of the tubes were donated to my project, and the third I purchased (unopened) from a local ReStore.

Total cost of these three items was $3.00. Two of the tubes were donated to my project, and the third I purchased (unopened) from a local ReStore.

As I tried to place the screws evenly, it was quite easy to find them all, and caulking took all of an hour.  So nice to have something go well!

Ready to paint now.

Ready to paint now that the screws are caulked and the seams are sealed.

If the sky looks at all promising tomorrow, I plan on putting on the first coat of paint.  I was unable to find exterior primer, but with 5 gallons at my disposal, I should (hopefully) have enough paint to make several coats so the walls look good.  I hope latex paint likes moist weather….

The Beast tarped all over in case of rain.  Just little showers so far.

The Beast tarped all over in case of rain. Just little showers so far.

Tonight I will start the “fun” project of applying stripper to the windows.  Regardless of the claims that it’s safe to use indoors, I’m going to do it in a separate room with the window wide open.  I don’t want any fumes to go throughout the house, both for my sake and my furry friends.

My latest purchases, made after a marathon 3-days of research, were these: a 2-input monitor, this camera, and this camera.  Both cameras are very similar, so I got one of each to compare.  I love the options on them!  So hoping I am able to manage the installation myself, as otherwise it’ll have to wait until I gather a little more moola. 🙂  So much to do!

Hope you are all busy with fun projects too.

I’m Not Alone!

I recently found a great blog, and have been browsing through it for the last few days.  I’ve just found the Best Post Ever there and want to link to it for your enjoyment:

via Houston, We Have a Problem – Wheeling It.

I love this post because I’ve had (too) many monumental issues and goofs this past year, and somewhere along the way lost my sense of humor and even my confidence about it all.  For some reason, reading about this lovely lady’s “incident” has made me feel better about myself ~ always a win!

I  highly recommend you check out her blog Wheeling It if you appreciate a good laugh, even if you aren’t living the Full-Time Mobile Life.   She’s got a way with words and takes great pictures to enjoy. 🙂

No pictures today for this little post. 🙂  Lots coming up for the next Oliver’s Nest update though…stay tuned!