About Donations

Quite a few months ago, a couple readers asked me to post a PayPal link as they wanted to help me out during a particularly rough financial period.  After wrangling with WordPress a while, I (sorta) managed to do so.  I received some help, and I thank you.

But I’ve come to realize that on mobile devices my link shows up first, and I don’t want that! As I’m solely working on a mobile device myself, I find that editing that information to place it less conspicuously, or even removing it, is not something I can figure out. For this I apologize.

I’m not rich, but I’m doing ok. If plans work out moderately well, I’ll be able to save and be really ok.  So, please bear with me in my continuing failure to understand WordPress. 😀

Enjoy your day!

3 thoughts on “About Donations

  1. I resolutely march with you in your “continuing failure to understand WordPress.” There are several things that have stumped me in the black box that is WordPress, so I often decide that the best thing I can do about it is ignore it and keep writing. I have no wild idea of how it decides to present things on mobile devices – I’ve never even looked at my own blog on my iPhone, so you’re way, way ahead of me. I’ve composed on an old iPad at one time using the WordPress app, but disliked its crippled interface. I assume that’s what you’re battling with. If the blog page that is presented looks tacky despite my best efforts, I do what research I can over time. When that fails or just gets too technical, I decide to accept the unacceptable, look as happy as I can, and move on. True, that may be a tough go if “PayPal me money!!” leads the home page on a smartphone, but I’m not finding it at all on a 27″ desktop screen, so what can you do?

  2. How are you doing? I was so busy when you were on the road doing your Maiden Voyage so to speak that I lost track of you. Life was a real kick in the pants for me for a while so I hope you are having better luck in your world. Sending you good wishes and good fortune.

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