Fear Management

There have been so many aspects of this new life to get a grasp on in the last three or so months, that noting them has to take a back seat.  Unfortunately that means that some things I’d like to remember in the future will probably be lost, but I do what I can.  Combine a piss-poor memory with anxiety, a complete makeover in lifestyle and helpful/unhelpful medications, and you lose things along the way.  It’s ok.

As of yesterday, I have marching orders to vacate by February 20th of this year.  That puts the move out squarely in the uncertain weather category.  Around here, snow and ice aren’t unheard of through the end of March. Given, understandably I think, that I don’t want to attempt mountain passes under those circumstances, I’ll be looking for a safe place to hang out til it seems certain that roads are clear.  

Luckily, I was steered towards going to the Long Beach (ocean) area, where there are several year-round RV parks.  Paying to park is not my first choice, but options are limited and hopefully I only need a month or so there.  Honestly, staying by the ocean sounds wonderful! This rig has weathered several windstorm with barely any indication inside that anything exciting was going on outside…other than the incredible booming BONK when a pine cone hits the roof, or especially the skylight. It’s impressive how high both Leo and I can jump when we’re startled.

In any case, the ocean beaches will probably be our home soon. Leo will be learning how to walk on a leash there. Sort of throwing him into the deep end. I figure there shouldn’t be many people walking their pups this time of year, so he can get his freak out on with only me and the gulls to witness.

4 thoughts on “Fear Management

    • Hi Eddie,
      I totally agree! Years ago, a bunch of women friends and I sent a couple nights in that area and had a blast, plus my son and I camped there when he was young and had fun. It’s wild and beautiful.

  1. Not much solace, but at least you are heading out with a single vehicle instead of towing a trailer, which simplifies icy conditions a heap. And, you have a specific area in mind to head for. I would say, “Oh, don’t be afraid,” but what I’d actually mean is, though this form of living may feel foreign and intimidating (my blindingly making assumptions), you will most likely find it to be rewarding and confidence-building as well, and not just in the distant future. Though you might not lose the anxiety, I’m pretty sure there will be major aspects that you think are really cool, and worth it.

    • I *think* I will come to a point where not everything is scary. As you know, sometimes you have to just prepare as best you can, then jump in. My biggest fear currently is tipping over. Sticking to normal roads and starting out in parks will get me out there driving more, which should get me used to the way the truck handles now. I appreciate your encouragement!

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