A Great Post On Stuff

I was directed to a nice summation on viewing out possessions by The Tiny Life.  I’m still sorting through and deleting items from my “keep” pile, so it seems appropriate to link it here.  I especially like the bit about hanging on to dreams through things.  I hope you enjoy it, too. 🙂


This is merely one room of stuff I had to go through when my mother passed away. Now add my own things in and use your imagination. Fun times!?


My closet in Oliver’s Nest, still stuffed full of so very many things.  


Click here to see the original post over at Mostly Mindful.

4 thoughts on “A Great Post On Stuff

  1. I have hoarders in my family as well. They keep broken and useless things mixed in with treasure and sometimes even hide money in old books. Maybe you can take advantage of the stock pile by photographing the things and placing them on Craigslist for sale. It will put money in your pocket and clear the things out at the same time. Snap and post and watch them carry it away. Your closet looks very organized and I know you are happy to have a simple life carved out for yourself. Great job. Keep going and you will make it.

  2. Oh yes, I’ve sold quite a bit! There’s still so much more, too. Ugh! Not being able to buy and buy and buy (against my own impulsive nature) is one of the hidden silver linings of this little home!

  3. You just never know when you will need it 🙂 But whilst we have a room full of stuff still to sort, I can say that we no longer add to the pile, What we have has got to last…unless its a new power tool 🙂

    • And you’ve hit the nail straight on the head, Eddy. Soooo much stuff here, both my mother’s and my own, is only here because of that. I can’t do it any more though, and it’s a huge, huge change. Some stuff might have to be repurchased someday, but I’m not willing to pay for storage when even a few months would cost more than a lot of it is worth. Maybe it’s an upside of going so small, maybe a downside, but it’s a reality I have to live with.

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