Help Make Tiny Homes Legal!

Help Write Tiny Homes into the IRC (International Residential Codes) by following this link and signing the petition.  Every time we raise our voice, it makes it harder for Government to ignore us.


7 thoughts on “Help Make Tiny Homes Legal!

  1. I hadn’t actually realised they were illegal until I read about Macys eviction notice. You have my vote from Poland.
    Incidentally you can build anything you like in Poland is the footprint is no more than 35m2, so lots of tiny houses popping up all over.

    • Count me jealous. The US has a tight, actually overwhelming grip on what it’s citizens are allowed to do. The fight to regain some freedom to choose our own paths will continue, though. I really feel for Macy. It doesn’t sound like her family will be able to even move their home when they go.

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