A Door Makes It A House

First of all, I want to make it clear that my door isn’t the best.  It’s a bit wonky, and I have to tug on it to close it.  There are some gaps that I’d prefer not be there.  It’s kinda beat up and scarred.  But, it’s on, it closes and locks, and it’s mine.  I made it happen.  In a year full of not-great things, this is something good.


Applying weatherstripping to the door


Exterior door trim

With some helpful ideas from a friend, I hid the siding mistakes today.  I had just enough cedar trim left to do it so I guess it was meant to be.  My friend suggested it be painted, but I don’t want to take the time right now.  Hey, it’s cedar, so it can wait, right?  So now the only thing left on the exterior that really needs to be addressed is the portion under the door.  I’m letting ideas marinate and will finish that part when a good idea shows up.  For now, it looks funky but eh, ok.


Using cut-down cedar trim to hide siding mistakes


Closeup of unpainted cedar trim

The skylight is nearly complete enough for now, as well.  I went with white EPDM sealant for the corners and edges instead of trim, and I think that was the right choice.  That stuff is MESSY!  By far the goopiest, stickiest, glueiest glop I’ve used yet….and my hands were (and still are) covered by the time I was finished.  I really hope I can sand it smooth/er as I wasn’t able to make a nice bead with it.  It blends so well with the white paint that it isn’t too obvious, so I’m not letting that bother me.  One clasp is on, and I’m going to get another for the other end to ensure a tight seal against wind and rain.  No pictures because the window panes are still filthy.  So much light comes in from just that window!  I love it.

Tomorrow I’m going to start working on the interior again, starting with the ceiling.  The seams in the plywood should be easy to fill with putty, and then it’s getting a white paint job for now.  I definitely think a super-glossy color is in it’s future.  Once the ceiling has a decent paint job, the upper kitchen cabinet is going up.  I’m not sure what will come after that ~ perhaps the walls.  Sitting there looking at them this evening, I decided to fake-plank the walls with painted plywood strips.  I’ve seen that done on floors to a really attractive effect, and I see no reason why it won’t look just as interesting on walls.  It’s a quick and cheap solution, and I already have spare plywood I can use.  The wool is finally settling so I can’t let it stay up with just netting to hold it in place, dang it.

Leo is again in the habit of coming in and hanging out with me while I work.  I love that he is so comfortable in the space, and that he climbs the ladder to come inside.  It’s very cute and gives me another reason to smile. 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Door Makes It A House

  1. Just a suggestion. When I was building and could not make miter cuts for the corners I used these square rosette type things. Wood blocks with a circular raised pattern in the center that is decorative. It made the doors look cute and I could just straight cut up to the square block. Or you can use tile in the corners the size of your wood work trim. That looks better than lapping the trim. I think that is what you did here not sure. Hey one girl telling another girl what worked for her and you can come up with your own corner piece maybe from something you have that is square the size of your woodwork that you can use at the top corners of your door. You are getting there and the journey is the fun part not the destination.

  2. Hi Diane,
    I like that idea. I know exactly what you mean by square rosette, and you’re right ~ it would be pretty, and look much more finished and purposeful. I’ll definitely use them (or the tile idea) on the interior, and I’ll put them on the exterior to-do list. Thank you!
    Also, many, many heartfelt thanks for your donation. I was shocked (in a good way) to see it pop up in my inbox. You’ve made this girl’s day!

  3. I always remember to wear gloves after it’s too late with many splinters and cuts to prove it…..but most dirt wears away, eventually 🙂 Looking good Parker.

  4. Hi Eddy,
    I’m trying to remember to work more slowly and carefully, and now I stop when I get too tired instead of pushing through and either hurting myself or making mistakes. I still forget the gloves though! Thanks for the nice words. 🙂

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