More Progress!

The rain is back. Not that it was completely gone, but I could do lots of things between the semi-hourly showers.  Now I’m at a point where I need several days (and nights) in a row that are completely dry, and Weatherbug is telling me that’s just not going to happen for at least ten days.  Sigh.
Good news though!  The Beast (my truck) is running well, as long as I only use fuel from the front tank.  I believe the diesel in the back tank has water in it.  I’m going to call my mechanic and see what his estimate for dealing with that is.  I HOPE it’s not much!  I’m going to call tomorrow if I feel brave enough.
Here’s a list of what has gotten done since my last post:
-walled in the area behind the truck cab/under the loft
-installed the rest of the metal roofing
-installed cedar drip edging all around the roof, except for the front slanting portion where the front windows will go
-rebuilt the door casing (it was easy!)
-puttied the old doorknob holes in the door
-cut the hinge grooves with a chisel and hammer (not nearly as difficult as you’d think but a bit time-consuming)
-continued puttying the windows ~ it will be at least another week to get it all done
I’ve thought a lot about what to use for trim on the vertical edges.  Cedar?  Cut strips of the metal siding down and fold into an “L” shape?  Use metal flashing of some sort?   When it started raining this afternoon, I went rooting through my piles of building materials and found a bunch of old metal flashing that was given to me a few years ago.  It came from an old barn, and other than the screw holes and some more of that black gook that was on the metal roofing panels (they were from the same barn), is in great shape.  It’s straight and long and wide ~ perfect for glueing and screwing to the edges.  There’s enough to put on every vertical and semi-vertical edge on the whole structure!
I’ll spend the next week or so while it’s wet out to get the black substance off the flashing.  I also plan on sanding down the door and casing and getting them both painted.  Once they are ready, I can install the door!  I found a product that will make hanging the door easier:  The Quick Door Hanger kit.  It only costs $5, and makes it much easier to ensure the casing is straight so the door works properly.  I could use shims, but honestly, after so much effort with the door, I want a little ease.  Plus, I really want a usable door that opens easily and doesn’t stick or swing shut on it’s own.  🙂
My mood has been good.  I have lots of energy.  All I need is enough time.  Crossing fingers and toes and everything!

6 thoughts on “More Progress!

  1. It is really coming along and all the gathering of items is finally paying off as you can have what you need. About the water in the gas…..there is a product at most car parts places like O”Riley’s that you can just put into the gas tank and it will take care of it. The big deal is to figure out how it got in there. If you know and have alleviated the problem you can just put the stuff in and drive it. I am not sure if Sea Foam does this but it is a very good product that I would recommend. Ask them if it takes care of water too. I know it stabilizes gas if you are going to park the truck for a while and not drive it. Maybe the gas is just old in there and putting Sea Foam in will help. Ask them. Always try the cheap tricks first. It’s not super cheap it runs about 9 dollars or so but it won’t hurt anything and cleans the fuel system.
    Glad you are feeling better and have energy.

  2. Hi Diane, thanks for the tip. I thought of that but as it’s diesel and not gasoline, I wasn’t sure if it was safe to use, hence wanting to speak with the shop…which I didn’t do. I need to get on that tomorrow! I don’t know for sure how the water got in there, but I strongly suspect it happened when I had the fuel intake hose taken apart to reroute it. It rained several times during that time, plus the humidity here is almost always at least 75%.
    It IS nice to have a use for some of the stuff laying around! 😀 It was great to realize I could use those old flashing pieces!
    Take care,

  3. Great progress 🙂 I was going to say put the hinge on the door not the frame, but then you mentioned your door hanging thingy so.. 🙂
    I’m praying for sunshine for both of us!

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