I totally support reusing materials, I want to start with that.  But, it’s a LOT more work!

After hours of scraping and sanding and puttying, the old wood windows are now set aside while I wait for the putty to dry.  Seriously, hours.  I think they look pretty good now, and by the fourth window I felt like a glazing master. 🙂  Once the glazing putty is dry, which takes up to two weeks, I’ll fill in the spaces left by the old opening mechanisms with wood putty.  After that is dry, I’ll finally be able to paint and see what I’ve got.  I’m feeling really good about getting back to work.  Too much laying around with the boys, watching Netflix this winter!


Proton and big Leo hanging out watching Netflix with me

Once the windows were out of the way, I took another look at the metal roofing panels.  I had tried using paint remover to take off the black chunks of old roofing tar/adhesive, which failed.  I never washed that off, and it actually did make it easier to chip off all the gook.  It only took a few days, and some scrapes and cuts (I’ll never learn to wear gloves), and the panels are now ready to be used.  Another task checked off!


Shiny and clean

Currently, I’m working on the door, which is going to take a lot of work.  Taking off the old paint and sanding isn’t really what’s going to be difficult, it’s cutting the door down to size that I’m not looking forward to.  So dusty, and I’m working indoors due to how wet it is outside…oh the mess that will be made…. I’m definitely wishing I’d just made the door opening larger.  I didn’t because I wanted more wall space inside.  Sigh.  Once this is done, I’ll be happy with the decision, probably, but for now I’m kicking myself.
So, everyone?  Wish for warmer, drier weather for me?  Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Good to hear that things are moving on, and great that you are managing to make use of so much ‘free stuff’ We are slowly building a collection of bits and bobs that people give to us and I am determined to use them up on future projects, although with five old doors I may have to make a room that I hadn’t planned! 🙂 Take care and good look and wear then gloves 🙂 Eddy

    • Hey Eddy, nice to hear from you!
      Heh, with enough doors you can make a funny little playhouse for your kiddo! Actually, i’ve seen really nice greenhouses completely built with glass doors, or with cast-off windows. So many cool things you can do, once the need or inspiration strikes. 🙂

      • I never mentioned the windows 🙂 I have a barn full of them! Green house construction starts this year, or is that next year 🙂 Not so much lacking inspiration, materials or motivation, just time 🙂

  2. I also like using reclaimed materials. My tiny house was built by the Amish, so those materials were new, but the inside is as much reclaimed as I can fit into my 160 sqft.

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