What Is This Blog About, Anyway?


I’ve been thinking a lot about my “voice” in this blog.  I know that the typical way to write a blog is to have a focus and a style that defines it so that people who are interested, know what you have to offer.  I planned to chronicle the building of my Tiny House Oliver’s Nest, at least mostly.  The thing is, I also wanted to somehow incorporate my always-present mental health issues, without making them the focus.  I’m not sure I’m succeeding.  The two are such different issues.  But, maybe that’s ok?  I’m a complicated person, so maybe it’s ok that my blog is a complicated place.  After all, even though I hope it’s helpful in some way to even one person out there, it’s mostly for me.   Summed up, this is what I hope for:

If we knew each other’s secrets, what comforts we should find.

John Churton Collins


2 thoughts on “What Is This Blog About, Anyway?

  1. The winter time is a difficult time for people suffering with mental illness or depression. Sun is so important to set the body mood and it is suggested a minimum of 30 minutes daily. That is hard to do when the sun does not shine strongly in some areas of the world. I live in Arizona and do not suffer from this. I am reading a book “It’s my life now” by Meg Kennedy Dugan and Roger R. Hock. It has helped me so much and knowing a bit about you I think it would be good for you too. Maybe someone reading this will buy it for you. I have had a couple of car accidents lately and have less income than usual so I am struggling myself right now or I would. Make sure you have a good Doctor that listens to you and make a calendar of moods so he can see it and chart your down days. Maybe you need new medication. Being out of money all the time is very hard as well as I know it takes a toll on me lately having to go without. You will make it with God’s help and others who have good intentions.
    Good luck to you finishing your project and living happy and safe.

    • Hi Diane,
      Yeah, the lack of sun is hard on everyone, and probably worse for people with depression. It’s so easy to take the lovely sunny summer days for granted, but I sure don’t this time of year.
      Thank you for the book recommendation. I’ve got it on my to-read list when I find it at a good price. I love a good used book store. 🙂
      As always, I appreciate your comment!

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