What Is This Blog About, Anyway?


I’ve been thinking a lot about my “voice” in this blog.  I know that the typical way to write a blog is to have a focus and a style that defines it so that people who are interested, know what you have to offer.  I planned to chronicle the building of my Tiny House Oliver’s Nest, at least mostly.  The thing is, I also wanted to somehow incorporate my always-present mental health issues, without making them the focus.  I’m not sure I’m succeeding.  The two are such different issues.  But, maybe that’s ok?  I’m a complicated person, so maybe it’s ok that my blog is a complicated place.  After all, even though I hope it’s helpful in some way to even one person out there, it’s mostly for me.   Summed up, this is what I hope for:

If we knew each other’s secrets, what comforts we should find.

John Churton Collins