Same old, same old.  Weather is keeping me idle, at least as far as building is concerned.  I’ve been keeping an eye on the tarp, and it’s holding, thank goodness!  So the interior is basically dry for when it warms up and I can glue and otherwise lay stuff down on the roof. 🙂

I have been struggling with my mood disorder for a while now….I do believe the inactivity is contributing to the problem.  It’s a hard road sometimes, isn’t it?

I hope your holiday have been wonderful and will continue to be wonderful.

Take care,


8 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Hey there! I wondered where you had been.
    Glad the Cabin is still being built all be it weather permitting. I t can be difficult when there is little to do and a malaise can definitely set in. Have you thought about walking or cycling during the times when working on the project is not an option? Both will get you outside and both with make you feel a good deal brighter in your mood.
    Just an idea.
    I hope you are okay.
    Contact me if you need to talk.

  2. Hi Cameron,
    My son tells me the same thing. You are both right. I’m stuck in a bad place where even getting out of bed feels like a win. I’ve been pushing myself to at least bake sometimes, and to keep my space and myself tidy, and today I listened to upbeat music which got me dancing around a little, so hopefully the miasma of bleh is lifting.

    I appreciate your reaching out more than you can know. Thank you.

  3. Hi Parker,
    It has been a while since I have written. I wonder how you do it when it gets cold there? How do you feed all of your animals and keep them safe besides yourself warm and fed? You mentioned your Mother having a house and you got rid of some things inside it I wondered if it is inhabitable? Did family members sell it or could you stay there until the spring comes and you can finish your house? Maybe if you can take photos of the things and post them on craigslist you can raise some money to help you and buy materials. I was so disappointed that my accident case did not get settled out of court and I thought I was going to get some money so I could finish my projects and then send something to help you too. I got myself all excited and then it did not happen. State Farm is not the good neighbor I thought as I have had them since 1974 for my cars and home and life insurance and they did not want to pay me anything when I was hit and hurt in my car. I had been paying 300 thousand dollars worth of underinsured protection and the arbitrator said they should pay 30 thousand and they don’t want to pay it so I have to sue them and get an attorney.
    How do you stay warm? Maybe that is why you don’t want to get out of bed. I think living alone is not always good either but community has to be right or it can be dangerous. As you already know. Doctors prescribe meds and sometimes a good Sam E pill does wonders as Doctor Oz says that is a wonderful antidepressant. I went through 8 years of what I call my quiet time to myself doing nothing but raising my son and building and going to Bible Study. I loved the other women in my Bible Studies. It was a safe support system I could not have survived without as at the time I did not know anything about the subject of domestic violence and was still sorting through my emotions.
    I hope you are okay and I wish there was something more I could do for you and I will if and when State Farm ever pays me the money they owe me. I was hit by a car going 60 while I was just innocently sitting at a stop light. Years ago and they still can’t pay. Unbelievable.
    Keep ahold of your dreams.

    • I hate hearing that State Farm is doing that to you. I used to work for them, although not in the Auto Division (which means I know next to nothing about their process). It depends a lot on the adjuster you get, as well as their manager…that I do know. Please keep fighting. I’d say more but I don’t know the details, and as I said, I worked in a different division. One thing I do know is that you should get your agent involved. You are *their* client and they will fight for you, unless it’s a lazy agent.

      I have my mother’s house to stay in until They come and kick me out. I don’t exactly know who They are, but as the house legally belongs to the loan company, and the property taxes are owed as well, I suspect there are several Theys out there. I fervently hope I have til the end of next summer here. I need that warm and dry weather to finish the house. I have nearly all the stuff on hand to do the work, now I need the weather to cooperate.

      I got rid of all my animals. I rehomed the dogs. My lovely girl kitty Harriet died recently from what I think was an owl attack. She wouldn’t leave the back porch, yet I found her quite a ways away…I won’t describe her condition. I’m left with myself, my boy cat Leo, and my mother’s cat Proton. I did rehome Proton be when he refused to eat, the lady returned him. She just didn’t realize that cats do that for a while. Sigh.

      It’s quite cold inside and yes, you are right that it keeps me in bed even when I do have energy and a positive attitude. Nothing I can do about that, except bundle up in sweats. 🙂

      My biggest problem right now is needing funds, a lot of funds, to fix both my scooter and the truck. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to swing that. Most of the sellable stuff here is gone. I will figure it out though…I just need time.

      Thank you as always for your concern, Diane. It warms me to know there’s someone out there thinking of me. 🙂

      I might make a post about all this. It certainly is a part of my journey towards living in my own little place of peace.


  4. I hope you feel better soon, Parker. It is not always easy when idle, especially at this time of year. Think positive, and when assailed by negative thoughts, breathe deeply and exhale them into the universe. It will take care of them. Chin up. Love and peace to you.

  5. Hello Parker!
    We stopped by yesterday to see how you are doing, must have missed you. We are doing Christmas dinner next door if you would like to come over. We are eating at around 1, roast beef will be served. I hope you are doing well and we would love to see you.

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