Hey, The Sun Came Out!

It was pouring most of the day yesterday so I didn’t want to work on the roof and get it all wet again.  I didn’t much want to get ME all wet, so nothing was accomplished except some fine PC gaming.

Today however, the rain stopped and I took the opportunity to get outside and collect the roofing panels, clean them up (they’ve been sitting for a few months since I last cleaned them), and move them much closer to my work area.  It felt like the temps were in the high 50s, and for most of the couple hours it took, the sun warmed my back.  It was lovely. 🙂  I now have eight 10 foot panels to work with.

Before I can attach them, however, I need to figure out how to remove the thick black adhesive (?) stuck on the ends and around some of the nail holes.  It’s really chunky, will prevent them from laying flat against each other, and doesn’t play well with the liquid rubber roofing product I’m going to apply.  Luckily, it’s so old that I was able to chip off some of the chunks easily just be banging the edge of the scrub brush against them.  Hopefully the rest is removable also.  If not, I’ll be cutting away the ends with the black stuff.  I have visions of sprained hands and lots of metal cuts doing that, but I’ll do it if necessary.

As I’m writing this, I hear rain.  So happy I was able to work in sunshine.

I want to thank a reader/friend today for a donation towards this huge project!  You are awesome, and I appreciate the assistance very much. 🙂

I hope everyone’s Sunday went well, too.  Take care,


6 thoughts on “Hey, The Sun Came Out!

  1. Black adhesive caulk will need to be put on the edges of this roofing material to make a water tight seal. Don’t worry about removing what is there but just ad some more before placing them next to each other. That will stick them into place and make them water proof. Go get roofing caulk. When I get my settlement from my accident I am going to send some money your way. I hope others will help as well.

  2. Shouldn’t I remove at least the big chunks though? I’m talking up to 3/4″ thick in some places…but otherwise you are probably right in my needing to use something like that. I can’t get it on the topside of the panels, however. That’s where the liquid rubber roofing will be laid on. I think using both is a good idea…to help hold the panels together strongly which will help keep the rubber roofing from stretching too much or even tearing!
    As always, thanks, Diane. 🙂

  3. A good days work then.
    I would say you are right to remove as much of that stuff as you can. I would honestly have thought that it would be easy to remove with a sharp blade or scraper and then do what you are doing with the wire brush to freshen up the side that needs to be stuck down.
    Keep up the good work!

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