Looking For Opinions

OK. I have a question…should Oliver’s Nest actually be Olivers Nest??? I am generally pretty good with grammar and spelling and such, but this is one I’m stumped on. This is IMPORTANT. Heh….


This is what happens to me when on cold medicine. Be kind.



8 thoughts on “Looking For Opinions

  1. “Oliver’s Nest” is correct. Unless there are two or more Olivers. If it’s one nest named after one Oliver, the apostrophe says it’s a possessive. That is, the nest “belongs” to Oliver. Leaving out the apostrophe would make it awkward. It would say there are multiple Olivers. The “Nest” part would be hanging there without an obvious relationship.

      • So sorry to hear that. My tom cat (Orlando) passed away in 2007, I still think about him, he was with me for 17 years and saw me through some tough times in my life. I said I wouldn’t have another cat, then 6 months later a mother cat and her kitten arrived in my garden, so I now have Fleur & Mimi !

      • Even if it was so long ago, I’m sorry for your loss. But you know, I think people who can really love another species, and treat them with kindness and respect, or too rare to not allow more in when one passes away. I’m glad that lucky mama brought her baby to the right place. 🙂 Sounds like it worked out best for all of you!

  2. The only other option would be Olivers’ Nest. This would be the case if it belonged to multiple Olivers. 🙂 Hey! Cold medicine can be cheaper than recreational alcohol. Enjoy and stay off the ladder.

    • Hehe! Overrun by Olivers? I love it!
      I did stay off the ladder until much later in the day, when I went out and finally painted. With the green painted back on a red truck, I now officially am ready for Christmas!

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