I found the saw.  However.  It won’t cut through the thick wood of the second french door, so I can’t access that broken pane to replace it.  It *does* work on the plywood panels, but my extension cord can’t reach to the truck so I can’t use the electric screwdriver/drill to attach them.  Therefore, I’m out of business until the new batteries come in.  And rain is coming….dammit.

I hope today is going better for you than me!

6 thoughts on “Frustrated!

  1. They sell cheap tarps at Harbour Freight but you are probably not near one where you are. The dollar store has blue ones for a dollar that work but are small. I am cheering for you. Did you set up a paypal account so people can contribute to your success?

    • Oh, and you are the second person in as many days to ask if I have set up an account to accept donations. 🙂 I do have a paypal account, but I’ve never thought anyone would want to contribute to my many follies! 😀

      • Yes to give people an opportunity to give is okay if they ask you. Provide your Paypal account to those who ask. People give all the time to charities they don’t know anything about and they might as well give to someone that is real and they can feel needs them to get to their goal. It is more personal than charities can ever be. Let people give to you if they feel the desire.

      • I suppose it won’t hurt. My Paypal address is my email address. I don’t think I want to put a Please Donate button on my blog, though. It would take a lot more requests like yours to make me feel comfortable doing that.
        Have a lovely evening!

  2. Hi Diane 🙂
    I have it all covered up in tarps ~ I seem to have an immense quantity of them, thankfully. I’m frustrated because I was making so much progress and now I can’t work, lol.
    There’s a Harbour Freight just a few miles away. I love that place!

    • Oh good. I am glad you have something to cover your work. Now take the time to pray and ask God for his wisdom and guidance as a time out in my life has always come at a time I needed to work out design issues that I had not had time to think about. Every road block is an opportunity to pray. Ask for his wisdom as God is truly the best designer. Look at his creation and his color choices. They are spectacular. Enjoy the break and get ready for the next time of hard work that will come to finish your dream. Rest.

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