I’m Not Alone!

I recently found a great blog, and have been browsing through it for the last few days.  I’ve just found the Best Post Ever there and want to link to it for your enjoyment:

via Houston, We Have a Problem – Wheeling It.

I love this post because I’ve had (too) many monumental issues and goofs this past year, and somewhere along the way lost my sense of humor and even my confidence about it all.  For some reason, reading about this lovely lady’s “incident” has made me feel better about myself ~ always a win!

I  highly recommend you check out her blog Wheeling It if you appreciate a good laugh, even if you aren’t living the Full-Time Mobile Life.   She’s got a way with words and takes great pictures to enjoy. 🙂

No pictures today for this little post. 🙂  Lots coming up for the next Oliver’s Nest update though…stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “I’m Not Alone!

  1. Parker I am happy that you are alive. It will be getting cold soon and I hope you will get this together in time. I can’t remember what state you are in but I am in Arizona where it is warm all the time and I forget what it is like when you battle the elements of nature. Take care of yourself and heal. I have a lot of places to live on my property if you need something. I have a cat sanctuary here. I call them my farm cats. Rest and recover in between finishing your truck house. You have my email.

    • Hi Diane! Lovely to hear from you again. 🙂 I got quite a bit accomplished on the house over the last few days so I do expect to have it liveable even if not finished by the time winter sets in. I live in Washington State where the rain is more of an issue than actual cold, so my most important task is to get the house “weathered in” as opposed to being insulated (yet). I’ll post an update soon!

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