Digging Deep

***How embarrassing it is to wake up and find you’ve hit “publish” on a half-written, mostly-incoherent, rambling rough draft.  Well!  To those who saw it, please disremember!  I claim being awake for almost 48 hours plus a nice Merlot….***

I’m having trouble with this post.  I’m torn between focusing on the actual, physical build, and my “process” ~ an often confusing mix of inspiration, depression, impulse and frustrating errors.  Maybe it’s different for people who don’t have “issues” to contend with, but needing to get life done while contending with anxiety and depression is a real struggle for me.  I have tasks I NEED to accomplish.  I don’t know the timeline, never having been in this situation before, but obviously at some point I will have to leave and have safe and secure shelter.  Yet, equally strong at times is my inability to get those tasks done due to fear and/or depression.  It’s a quandary.  Yes, I take medications, and they help, but too often not enough to keep me out of bed.  2015 has been a very full year.  At least I’ve been awake for a much greater portion of it than 2013-2014.

To sum up advancements on Oliver’s Nest v.2.0 and other goals:

  • The Beast is up and running great again.  A total blast to drive. 🙂
  • Floor framing on flatbed completed except for bolting it together.  That must wait til the fuel filler ports are moved.
  • Mockup boxes for new fuel filler ports in place.  These will hold the ports until the wall framing is in. They are super rough looking but work as intended.
  • Cabover sleeping area started.  More on this later!
  • Packed up for long-term storage the few things I want to keep but will have no room for in ON.  It’s not a lot of stuff, mostly some books, pictures, artwork I love, and other misc stuff.
  • Pared down my belongings again to the point where in theory it should all fit into Oliver’s Nest when the interior storage is finished.
  • Lost 40 pounds!  Still have 25 to go.

So.  As I’ve already said many times, the wall framing can’t be done until the fuel filler ports are moved (I have the appointment for it still on the books, but after meeting with two super-nice and knowledgeable guys from a local Ford truck club, I want to try to do at least the back one myself.  I’m planning on starting that process today…intimidated but determined).  I have my stack of 2x3s and 2x4s for the walls beside the Beast, ready.  In fact, I have a nice work area set up with everything I (think I) need to get the walls completed.  I’ve decided to go with T1 11 for the sheathing.  It’s strong, reasonably attractive, easy to work with, and affordable.  If I can move the fuel ports myself, I’ll be buying the sheathing this month.  Crossing fingers!

During my organizing/paring push, I unearthed a great find ~ thick slabs of old utility poles I’d forgotten I had.  I dragged them to my new work area, cleaned them up, and cut them into planks.  I used these for the foundation of my cabover sleeping area.  I love using reclaimed materials, and these were free, which makes it even sweeter.  I had to take a selfie once they were in place, laying down in exhaustion but very happy to have gotten this done.  Yes, I am filthy!

There hasn’t been a gratuitous critter pic in quite a while, so I’m posting a shot of huge Leo, who keeps me company while I work.  He’s a rescue I adopted last year, a loving and happy boy.  I was stuck in the nursing home, recovering from my injuries for several months soon after taking him in, and it has taken months to gain his trust after that abandonment.  It feels good to finally have reached a solid friendship with him.  My mother’s cat likewise has adjusted to her absence and my presence.  He definitely is OK now, affectionate and happy and constantly pestering me for attention.  On those days when I can’t get out of bed, he keeps me company.

Now, the pictures. WordPress is not being friendly to me today, so the pictures are a bit disorganized.  Sorry ’bout that.


Screwed down until replacement by actual walls.

The new location will make refueling much easier.

The new location will make refueling much easier.


DIY cutting fence

Some of the rough-cut planks were about 15 feet long by 12" wide.  Heavy stuff.

Some of the rough-cut planks were about 15 feet long by 12″ wide, and an actual 2″ thick. Heavy stuff.


Error! Error! Made my first cut in the wrong place. Don’t have enough of the wood to replace, so making do. It’s still strong, and won’t show once the framing is finished.


Much neater cutting around the metal bracing than down on the bed. Looks good.

Fits nicely.  The gaps are not an issue.

Fits nicely, with some minor gaps. These don’t affect strength at all. This will be the sleeping area, and is 7 1/2′ by 5′. Enough room for a queen mattress, and will have 3′ of headroom, not bad for a Tiny Home.

Resting on the cabover sleeping base, happy :)

Resting on the cabover sleeping base, happy to finally have this process finished.

Next up, framing the subfloor in the cabover.

Next up, framing the subfloor in the cabover.

Big black Leo boy!

Big black Leo boy!

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