In hospitals, it’s called triaging.  Deciding what is the most urgent need, and addressing it first.  That’s what I’m presented with now, taking a long look at my truck and figuring out what needs to be addressed next.

I have enough studs to fully frame the walls of the living space, including the cabover portion.  But.  Due to the weight of the sheathing, I am going to need to attach it to the studs prior to lifting them into place.  On my first build, I learned the hard way that I’m not strong enough to handle full-size plywood panels myself, and ended up cutting them into much smaller pieces in order to hang them.  I don’t want to do that again.  The only way around that is by screwing them into place onto the studs while they are still laying flat on the truck bed.  I can leverage the heavy walls sections up and into position myself, and brace them while I work on the next section.

I don’t have the sheathing yet, though.  It’s expensive.  Plus, there’s a more pressing need that has to be addressed first ~ the fuel tank inlets.  They must be rerouted from the bed to the new sides, and it’s an expensive process.  Unbelievably expensive, in fact, as in $400.  So, I have to wait.  I do have the appointment made for next month so I can reassure myself that progress will be made as soon as possible.

Inconvenient spot to fill your tank, believe me.

Inconvenient spot to fill your tank, believe me.

Why don’t I at least build the wall frames while I wait?  Because once again, the weight issues mean I need to build them on the flat of the bed of the truck, so I can lift them into place.  I can’t simply do it on the ground.  There’s also the issue of access to the fuel inlets where they currently reside, which would be inaccessible if I had a pile of wood framing laying in the way.

So, I will wait.  Bored, frustrated and scared by the time this is taking, but I will wait.

Hope your week goes swimmingly 🙂

7 thoughts on “Prioritizing

  1. I wonder if we could come up with an easier way for a solo builder to lift, heft, manage heavy weights? After all, the pyramids were built by people less than 5′ tall!

    • Hi Mike,
      Hoists and pulleys are wonderful tools, but I don’t think anything beats teamwork. Those incredible pyramids were build by people even shorter than I am (heheh), but there were so very many of them working together…I can do this, I’m sure, it’s merely a matter of knowing *how* I can get it done. 🙂 I made my mistakes (err, learning processes) during the first build. Hopefully most of them, so I won’t on this build.
      Anyway, aside from lifting weights, I don’t know an answer to the question you propose. I really wish I did!

  2. I wrote a rather long letter to you and I do not see it on your comments board. I hope you did actually receive it. Diane

    • Hi Diane,
      No! I didn’t receive it, and was just thinking the other day about you and your lovely letter to me from earlier. I am pretty sure I didn’t miss and accidentally delete it, as I’m careful with my emails, so..I don’t know where it could have gone :/

  3. You are right to build the frames on the flat then ‘walk’ them up having braced the bottom edge. That’s how I did my partition walls in the house.
    It’s a shame the tank refill is so expensive, you would have thought some kind of rubber hose would do the trick. Maybe a scrap yard (breakers yard) might have one from an old truck that you can repurpose?

  4. Hi Eddy,
    Yes, it’s really the only way to do it alone, and it’s done that way with multiple workers too, as far as I know. I could buy fuel hose myself, it’s expensive but not nearly as bad

    • Cut off my own comment, lol.
      Anyway, not nearly as bad as the $400, but I need a custom metal pipe bent for each of the two intakes because of the sharp angles they will make. Rubber hose could easily kink and stop the fuel flow entirely. I’m still hoping I can come up with an easier, DIY solution.

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