Tiny Cabin Isn’t Moving

I think the truck needs a new alternator, but I won’t be able to tow him to the shop until next Wednesday, the 8th, to find out for sure.  It’s problems like this that worry me the most about going on the road ~ the unforeseen mechanical issues.  I’m, typing this with a nervous feeling in my stomach, knowing we could get stranded anywhere…but at least I’ll have my trusty scooter.

I think the first thing I’ll do once the cabin is built is start saving as much money as possible for emergencies.  Yes, I want a new upholstered seat, but what if I need new belts?  Yes, I want to replace the rotting floor mats, but what if I need new brakes?  I’ve joined a local Ford truck enthusiasts club which meets monthly, and I think the smartest question I can ask is, what all could reasonable go wrong?  Then, start saving for it.  Let the beauty come later, my Beast must be reliable.

At least the truck decided to stop running while I was out wood shopping.  I’d decided to put the building materials on my credit card in order to keep momentum going on the little start I’d made.  So I have framing I can do while I wait for my next payday to roll around.  The weather is supposed to hold for at least a week, so my goal is to have the floor in place and one of the walls framed.  If I can get my hands on more 2x3s, I’ll frame all four (lower) walls.

Here’s some pictures of the most awkward part of the upcoming build:



More complications

More complications

This isn't going to be pretty.

This isn’t going to be pretty.

How to fit wood tightly and with structural strength between all these metal angles?  I have a lot of scrap wood laying around, so today is going to be spent (hopefully) figuring this problem out.  I need the floor joists to be strong and level, and I need the sill and bottom plates to be level and secure for the walls.  Oh boy…  Maybe I’ll take pictures of my attempts, if they aren’t too embarrassing.

Wish me luck and good engineering, folks!

2 thoughts on “Tiny Cabin Isn’t Moving

  1. It would be good to see even the embarrassing parts. In fact, in my experience, seeing the failures can really help people with little experience and no time to get experience before they jump into a project. 😀

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