Selling Oliver’s Nest

If you or someone you know is interested in picking up where I left off, please let me know, as I have to sell my Tiny Home.  A death in the family is forcing me to change my plans. I have put a price of $3000 or best offer on her.

Thanks, guys!


4 thoughts on “Selling Oliver’s Nest

  1. I would say never to put your dreams on hold for someone else. But you know what is right for you. I have been derailed so many times in my life and now I no longer let it happen. It’s all in God’s plan for our lives and there is always new beginnings and better plans ahead. I finally did not let anyone stop me and now my Cinderella’s Castle in Scottsdale is on Airbnb. Just for the fun of it take a look. We look like sisters before I bleached my hair. If you need a Mother Teresa type to talk to about this change in your life write to me at I am a good listener and a great typist.

    • Thanks Diane 🙂 I have to leave where I’m building very very soon, and can’t take Oliver’s Nest with me. I don’t have anywhere to take her while I do what I need to do, so it’s either sell her or abandon her. I’d rather sell her and give her a chance to be a real house for someone. I’m sad, but I don’t have many choices.

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