Have Fun While You Work Towards The Future You Desire

The ankle feels mostly better, and the shoulder no longer feels like it’s partially detached (at least not most of the time), so I think it’s healing too.  Been taking brisk walks with my pup Hank to get some exercise and fresh air, and to look at how other people make their homes “homey”.  Just to get new ideas.  I love to think and plan how my place will look, and to consider different setups for the exterior gardens and such.  The town I live in has one of the most progressive colleges in the States ~ The Evergreen State College ~ and the students (“Greeners”) tend to live an interesting mixture of wholesome and anything-goes living.  There are a lot of front-yard food gardens, chickens, rabbits for meat, and DIY projects for simple or even off-grid living.

So, I enjoy looking at what other folk are doing.

Given that the snow levels on my property get to an easy 4-plus feet, being able to get around to do chores easily is high on my list of priorities.  Plus, living in such a small space while potentially snowed-in and unable to get to civilization for weeks on end mean I need to plan for cabin fever.  Luckily I love reading and have a guitar I am slowly learning to play, and like to do lots of fiddly little crafts like jewelry making.  Oh, and never forget gaming.  Love a good pc or console game.

Anyway, as I was saying, I’ve been sketching out ideas for where/how to set up a greenhouse or two, the enclosures I’ll need for my rabbits and chickens, and of course, my horse and the few sheep I plan to raise.  I’m thinking about essential stuff like where will the compost pile be?  Where will the outhouse be?  How will I get to the different animals easily so as to care for them in inclement weather?  Now that Oliver’s Nest design is fairly set, it’s been fun to turn to these other puzzles.

So, I’m keeping myself entertained while healing up and waiting for good building weather to roll around again.  I missed my deadline this year, but next year will do just fine.

Peace to everyone.

4 thoughts on “Have Fun While You Work Towards The Future You Desire

  1. Glad you’re feeling better! I always put my compost piles in raised beds that I would plant the following year. I would build a raised bed. Fill it until mounded as the compost compresses as it breaks down. Then, mark it for planting the next year. If you want to cover it with some black plastic, it will decompose a bit quicker. You just have to make sure it’s good and moist. When you have enough 4-5 raised beds, you can rotate between them – compost in one and plant the others that year. Do you have the horse and sheep now or is that something you’re going to add later?

    • Thank you, Jay 🙂
      I do have a young mare, Gaia. She’s boarding at the friend of a friend’s place for now, and I miss her! No sheep yet. Your solution to managing compost is a very good one. More ideas to mull over, I love it!

  2. I’m catching up in reverse so I’m intrigued about how you injured yourself and hope you are fully recovered by now? Looking forward to reading more, It looks like you have come a long way since I last dropped by.

    • Hi again, Eddy 🙂

      I did something very foolish, and in hindsight, I think I might have been suffering from some heat exhaustion which led to the accident. Basically, while hanging the building paper, I got onto the very top step of my 6 foot ladder and leeeaaaaned way over. Yeah, and then fell and cracked my left ankle so bad I needed big ol’ (expensive) surgery. Very bad call on my part.

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