A New Twist ~ Netting

Heh, see what I did there?

Over on my Pinterest page, I’ve pinned a couple pictures of the coolest thing ~ heavy nets used as “floors”.  Way back years ago, when reworking a travel trailer first occurred to me as a temporary home (before I’d ever heard of Tiny Homes), I thought to use some sort of super heavy-duty wire mesh for the loft floor.  I figured it would save a ton of weight, give a much more roomy feel, and allow air and heat to circulate much better.  After a whole lot of googling though, I just couldn’t find any metal products that would work, so gave that idea up.

When I first came across this picture, I remembered that old idea, but tossed it aside since I couldn’t see myself crawling around on what’s essentially a big hammock.  But a couple days ago, it came to me:  put netting in only where I planned my bed to go!  But, would it work?

After some sketching and more googling, and thinking of how I could access my planned overhang of books, I decided that yes, it could.  So onto ebay I went, to a seller I’d already sussed out for other netting needs, and bought this.   For the duration of the build, I’ll keep the hole in the loft covered with planks for obvious reasons.

So now I’ve delayed buying lumber for the netting, and for a last, perfect window for the loft that I had to buy retail.  Darn… but I can’t really complain.  Most of the others are new and all of them were purchased cheaply from the ReStore.  I had to commit to this window so as to know what size the rough opening needs to be.

While waiting again to accrue enough money for the lumber needed to finish up, I’ve gone ahead and cut the short studs for the pony walls.  Of course, it’s raining again, and much of the wood is pretty soaked, so I’m going to remeasure the pieces after they dry to see if any need some trimming.  Each step forward feels amazing.  Each cut made feels empowering.   Lost beloved friends and mean ol’ horsies aside, life is looking up.

Hope yours is too!




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