More Has Been Accomplished, Despite – You Got It – Rain.

So here I sit under my new tarp tent, which only took two hours to erect, lol. After several glorious days of sunshine and 50-ish degrees, we’re back to rain, drizzle, mist, rain, downpours….yeah. Out of desperation, I searched online for pop-up tents, and hoo-boy, are they expensive! And the buyers’ reviews don’t look promising, either. As I was up feeding the rabbit colony, I looked around and noticed all the tarps I’d already put up to keep various things dryish. Hey! Oh yeah! I forgot about those! Actually, I also dislike how ugly they are, but I can’t deny that they do help. Tarps are your friend. Your ugly, obnoxious, yet helpful friend.
I’ve been busy working on the barn wood. It’s in such bad shape – dry rot in places, tons of nail holes, cracks and knots. I won’t be using it on the exterior of Oliver’s Nest. It’ll be new wood (bummer) and metal siding. However, I think there’s enough after cutting off the bad bits for the interior walls! I sure hope so, as I want to use reclaimed materials as much as I can. Plus, it has a LOT of character. I’m thinking to use a strong wood glue and small nails to attach the boards to a half-inch plywood base. That should give a nice, sturdy wall with a nice cabiny feel. Yay!
Speaking of nail holes, wow, it’s been taking days to get all the nails out! So far, I’ve accumulated two 5 gallon buckets full of nails, and the job isn’t done yet. Phew!

2014-03-23 16.17.18

The nails…the nails… oy, the nails….

2014-03-23 16.17.54

This is only part of the big pile of barn wood to go through.

2014-03-23 16.16.24

Merrily I burn the junk wood that’s accumulated over several years!


2014-03-20 14.47.29

Here’s a quick shot of some of the sheathing. There are lots of big holes because there will be lots of windows on this side (faces South). Also visible are those metal straps I want to salvage.

2013-10-08 11.56.10

Hank the cowdog. My faithful companion. He can’t wait for the new house to be built, as our tiny camper is TINY.

One thought on “More Has Been Accomplished, Despite – You Got It – Rain.

  1. I know what you mean about the nails, we have used the same wood for the concrete forms, which then became the scaffolding boards, which then became the temporary terrace rails and is now been turned into various DIY projects, like the outside toilet, a grain store, a couple of tables and probably a chicken hut…lots of nails to be taken out. Mind you we keep them all and send weigh them in at the scrap yard; nothing better than a hard cash return, albeit a very small one 🙂

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