Sunny Days Are Here (again)!

It’s been gorgeous out the last few days, sunny with blue skies, temps in the 50’s….perfect weather for moving forward on Oliver’s Nest.   Been removing those problem trusses – finally.  It’s such a relief.  All but the last two are off, and I plan to tackle them today, along with starting to put up sheathing on the sides.  Woohoo!

I wish I’d remembered to take some pictures of “before” and “after” the truss removal, but I’ve only got the distance shots of them up, nothing showing the (probably) overdone way I’d attached them.  Nails, screws, plus hurricane straps on both sides…it’s a lot of metal to get through.  My trusty cordless Makita Sawzall comes through again – it’s a heavy beast of a tool, but with the right blade it’ll cut through just about anything!  So, not only have I made progress on the house, but I’ve been getting an upper body workout, too, heh.

If you’ve read the “About Me” blurb, you know I struggle with BPD, coupled with chronic depression.  Because of that, I tend to be alone most of the time, and I’m happier for it.  However!  Sometimes life is easier, better, with help from other people.  Building a house, even a Tiny one, is one of those times.  Even just to get design feedback, if not actual sweaty, hands-on labor-type help.  I believe I would not have let over a year pass since last working on Oliver’s Nest if I’d allowed people to come over and help with it.  Because it turns out that even the most intimidating problems aren’t necessarily all that big of a deal.  I’ve been dreading, yes, DREADING dealing with those trusses.  Turns out all I needed was to cut ’em off!  So easy, anyone could see that – if they weren’t feeling drowned as I was.   There’s a lesson here, folks.  Even the most die-hard loners and chronic “I’ll do it myself!”-ers would likely benefit from allowing suggestions, feedback, critiques.  Let people in.  Get together and toss ideas around.  With help, even when you think you’ve painted yourself into a corner, you’ll find a way out. (A little house-building pun there, didja see it?) 😀

Hey, and a big thank you to Lone Stranger for your suggestion of drilling pilot holes to rein in those wayward screws.  It really helped!  All finished with those as of yesterday.  I can’t believe the walls are finally going to get some sheathing on…it’s a big step, visually.  So, let’s see: sheathing, then the loft, then the pony walls, then the new roof beams.  With weather in my favor, I’m hoping to get all that finished up by the end of March.  Yeah, I know, the rain will come back soon.  But a girl can dream, can’t she?

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