The New Old Interier Layout

North Facing Wall

Only one window in this wall as it will face North

After posting those interior sketches a few days ago, it struck me that I didn’t want a bathtub in my kitchen.  If it had remained a stock tank*, that would be ok, but not a “real” bath tub.  Yes, I’m going to have an actual real live bathtub in my house!  It’s 24″ by 40″ and is deeper than that stock tank.  It fits perfectly.

Don’t bother wondering why a big, black, rubber tub would be more acceptable to me in the kitchen – I’m just odd like that.  Anyway, with the decision to go with a real tub, I needed to revisit my original plan to have a separated bathroom area.

The problem I’d previously run into was how to get into the loft area without using a ladder.  I really don’t want a ladder.  It isn’t attractive, it requires more dexterity than I command in the middle of the night, and my cats wouldn’t like using it.  Can’t sleep without the kitties, you know. 🙂  The only way I’d devised meant moving the bathing area forward to the kitchen….

I think what I’ve come up with is terrific.  It’s hard to see how it works on the sketch, but basically, each step will have a rise and run of one foot, and be between one and a half and two feet wide.  So, steep but totally useable.  The stair will sort of twist around so you do a 180 when climbing.  The space below each step can be used to store things, and I’m really excited about having a utility closet under the highest step!

South Facing Wall

Multiple windows for passive solar benefits

There is still plenty of storage all over the place.  I like the flow of this plan.  I like that I’ll be able to separate the bathing/closet area off from the kitchen and lounge area.  I like that nothing obstructs any of the windows.  I like that I can have a sink at a useful height in the kitchen.

See that open space under the counter by the sink on the South side?  I’ll wall off that area for the batteries, inverter, and whatever else needed for a solar power setup.  Access to it from the outside.

The cats’ litter box will have it’s own home in an alcove of the 7 foot wide closet.  Above it, accessible from inside the closet, will be shelves for my motorcycle gear, shoes, and whatnot.  The rolling cart can live by the lower clothing bar, and has a handy butcher block top, and lots of pull-out shelving to hold random stuff for the kitchen.

I should mention that there will be a separate bathroom built outside, with a sawdust toilet and shower.  Therefor, I have no built-in space for a toilet in Oliver’s Nest.  If there’s need, I can bring a sawdust toilet inside with a Luggable Loo and store it under the stairs.  I currently live with an outhouse, no toilet inside, so I’m used to it and it’s been no problem at all.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 2014-02-28 12.33.40Thought I’d throw in a current picture of Oliver’s Nest, and of dorky ol’ me.  Actually, it’s not exactly current, as last night’s windstorm blew the tarp off the house.  Yay!


If anyone reads this, and has suggestions, comments or questions, please feel free to do so!




*My horse has been enjoying the use of the stock tank for her water, and I’ve enjoyed the face that she can’t knock it over when stepping into it to drink.  Yeah, Gaia actually stands in her water to drink, making a lovely, muddy mess that needs dumping daily.

2 thoughts on “The New Old Interier Layout

  1. Seems to be moving on nicely, after a long break it must be heartening to see things moving on. I look forward to seeing more. Good to see you haven’t over complicated the toilet, I’m not keen on some of the over complicated technological solutions that seem to becoming popular 🙂

    • Hi Eddy,

      I agree! I always have to sing The Lion King song “The Circle of Life” when I describe to people why I compost my waste. Maybe I shouldn’t share that information….? Hehe!

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