Why am I having this trouble?

Drawn up a new set of plans.  They are much closer to my original plans for the interior, and will work a bit better than the ones I recently posted.  I’ll put them up here soon, but have other work that is more pressing.

I have started physically working on Oliver’s Nest again this past week, the first time in a year (embarrassing but true). The first day went great! I’m currently affixing hurricane straps and other metal “hold down” bits to the framing. My new cordless Makita drill helped me power through perhaps half of the job, and I’m in love with it! Small, so it fits in my hands easily, and lightweight, yet packs a nice punch to those wayward screws.

However. The second and third day of work, the screws revolted and won the battle against being placed securely. They would only go in partway, then spin like I was going through knots, even on clear lumber.  What the heck?

It’s been raining off and on.  I’m wondering if rain-soaked wood is harder to drill into?

Argh.  I’m off to do battle again.  I WILL live in this home by the end of 2014. 

2 thoughts on “Why am I having this trouble?

  1. You may want to try using a tiny drill bit to poke a guide hole in the wood before driving the screws. I do that when dealing with wood that will split or harder woods that don’t want to take the screw like hemlock.

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