“100 Things” and Oliver’s Nest Interior Plan

I am going to discuss the 100 Things Challenge,  a popular topic among Tiny Housers.  If you haven’t heard of it, the idea is to reach the goal of owning 100 items or less.  How you decide to count is up to you – some people count each. item. individually. and some group like objects (like clothing, or bedding).

I’m not fully on board.

See, I wish to live more lightly upon this earth through using fewer resources and by eating mostly local, in-season foods, among other things.  I raise some of my own food with plans to raise nearly all of my own food eventually, mostly own used clothing, tools,  and other non-consumables, and live by reduce/reuse/recycle in that order.  But because I don’t own only the (arbitrary) proper number of 100 Things, I’m told that I’m “not doing it right”.   Hmmm.

I raise animals, and I need tools to do that.  Not just rakes and shovels and such, but also first aid supplies, food and water containers, bedding, and clothing appropriate for working around the critters.  I like to cook from scratch, so I need a more completely equipped kitchen than someone who mostly heats up prepared foods.  I am building not only a Tiny Home, but a future for myself off-grid on raw land, and need lots of different kinds of tools – and supplies to care for them like sharpeners and oils, and racks and containers to organize them.  I have several hobbies that involve keeping lots of stuff handy, like sewing, jewelry making, candle making, gaming, riding (horses, my scooter, bicycles)…..  Let’s see, I need multiple medications and health supplies…. See what is happening? The number 100 is long gone by the end of my list!

I have a list of items I want inside my home with me.   I have a limited amount of space to keep them.  Logic tells me that I’d better make sure I have room for everything.  So I made a list and numbered each thing (or group of things, if more appropriate), and then wrote the numbers onto my interior plan.  It has helped me know where I need to allocate more space, and where I can minimize.  It also changed what I had thought to keep inside, as it became clear there isn’t enough room for everything I would like.  My animal first aid supplies will have to be kept in the barn.  I won’t be able to have all of my books in the house at the same time.  Same goes for crafts and games.  That’s ok though.  I need a barn anyway, as well as a shop, a root cellar, and an equipment shed!  Yikes!

Anyway, here is the interior design I’ve come up with.  It might change, but it’s looking good so far to me 🙂

Oliver's Nest West Interior

Oliver's Nest East Interior
The pink thing in the upper sketch is the built-in couch.  Every square equals 1/2 a foot.  The interior dimensions are 19ft by 7ft.  I’m short, so the loft is at 6 1/2 ft height.  There will be 2 sets of doors – a narrow one on the hitch end, and french doors on the other end.  Eventually I’ll have a wood burning cooking stove, but for now I have electricity so use a space heater.  I have an alcohol stove for cooking.

I’ve started working on Oliver’s Nest again!   Woohoo for me!

2 thoughts on ““100 Things” and Oliver’s Nest Interior Plan

  1. Thanks, Eddy! It feels good to have tools in hand and watch as stuff gets done. 🙂
    As to the 100 Things Challenge, I just worry about people new to the idea of Tiny living being turned off by the pressure. You are absolutely right, it’s just a number someone picked out of the air one day.
    As always, enjoy your day!

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