Another Wrench in the Works aka It’s Always Something

Here it is already almost through June, and nothing, nada, zilch has been done to move my building forward.  I can’t blame working on animal housing this time, no, this time it’s pure an simply money trouble.

My patient mother, who generously lets me stay on her property (way in the back behind the woods in a truck camper), has done something disastrous.  Or perhaps I should say she *hasn’t* done something, which ended in disaster – she hasn’t been paying her property taxes.  For years.  Four years, to be precise.  Now the sh*t has hit the turbo-powered, industrial sized fan, and some has gotten on me.   Nice visual, eh?

When she came to me asking for help, my first reaction was to hurry and get as much of the building done as possible, given I might have to live in it as I can’t afford to rent both an apartment and a place to keep the home.    After looking over her finances in great depth this last couple weeks, I’ve come up with a plan that isn’t quite as painful – I’ve set up her bills automatically and am saving the rest of her income towards paying off the amount owed just before the house goes on the market.  The hitch is she won’t have quite enough saved to cover the whole amount, and no payments are accepted.  So, I’ll save too, and put all the money I have to pay off the balance.

I’m glad I didn’t get the plastic covering off the building, as now it has to protect Oliver’s Nest through another winter.  But, my mother gets to keep her home, and I will still have mine – just later than I planned.

One thought on “Another Wrench in the Works aka It’s Always Something

  1. Money is the devil that we are all trying and avoid, whilst our circumstances are different I think our mutual goal is to be free of the evil; it’s just we need it to get there! Good luck , I hope you can work it all out 🙂

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