Quick Update – working on other projects.

I’m not being lazy, I swear! 

Laying rock down all over the place as a base for buildiings (yes, I’m only planning on being here for another 5 years, but animals need homes).  Waiting out the monsoon season – wait – who am I kidding?  Here it is a non-stop phenomenon. 

Going to be taking the plastic off the shell very soon, and I’m going to rip off the roof I’ve started and rebuild.  I had a contractor out to check out what I’ve built so far, and he approved of everything but the roof.  Mind you, this was an unofficial visit, and he didn’t sneak a peek at everything, but I feel good about it.  So, the Gambrel wannabee is going to be cut off with the handy sawzall, and a simple Shed roof is going on instead.  Safer for the single trip I have planned to take it out to my property.  Also much easier to design and build.  Soooo, oh well.  I did want that lovely shaped roof, but I’m going with pragmatic on this one.

No pictures on this post, as nothing has changed for the Cabin yet. 


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