Walls are started and the cabin starts looking like a….home.


18V Makita circular saw


3 nails into each 2×6 at bottom and top

Walls!  This was a very exciting step to take, as it showed the outline of the cabin still to come.  The first picture shows my trusty 18V cordless Makita circular saw that I used to cut the 2 bys to proper lengths.  I have 3 batteries for it so there was never a slow down in cutting – no waiting for batteries to charge.

To make the walls, I nailed together sets of studs connected top and bottom into “boxes” of no more than 4 feet long.  I needed to do this in order to lift them up by myself.  The studs are set at 24″ on center as described in Value Engineering/Advanced Home Building Techniques/Advanced Framing.  This type of building is very appropriate for Tiny Homes as it reduces waste, weight, cost, and difficulty.

That being said, I still ended up with doubled 2x6s every 3 or 4 feet due to the stud “boxes” being set next to each other.  If I hadn’t had to build this way I could have been much more efficient, but….single and short woman here!


A section of wall built before lifting into place.

Hopefully, this picture shows the stud “box” I am talking about – a section of wall about 3 feet long.


This is a whole wall of studs all ready to lift

Here are the studs ready to lift up along the non-window side of the cabin.  I started on this side because it seemed the easiest to frame.  I forgot to mention earlier that I painstakingly worked out a framing diagram so I had all the measurements already figured out.  I’m glad I took the time to do this, as I was able to determine where any extra weight would be placed on the wall and build in extra crossbeams to nail things like counter tops too.  Ok, that sentence is awkward, but hopefully clear enough!


Kitchen window brought home on my wonderful scooter

I thought a picture of the final window I purchased would be nice to show, as I brought it home by scooter.  I brought a lot of my supplies and equipment home this way.  I do have a truck,, but prefer driving the scooter, and enjoy the funny looks on the way home.

2 thoughts on “Walls are started and the cabin starts looking like a….home.

  1. Great to see the next step, loving the scooter 🙂
    There is something wrong with your post when viewing in the reader, but it may well be a wordpress problem; but try and view it yourself on an alternate computer to see what I mean.

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